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  Building Quality


Universal Boat Lifts, LLC. (Seller) warrants to the original purchaser of each if its manufactured products purchased from seller or a dealer authorized to sell such products that they are free from defective materials and workmanship per the following schedule:

5 - Years on all Aluminum Components
5 - Years on Galvanized Gear plates
1 – Year on Electrical Components
2 –Years on Enclosed Gear Plates 
1-  Year  on all other Components
This limited warranty is valid only when such products are used under normal conditions of recommended use.  This limited warranty does not apply to any injury or damage resulting from anyone standing in, on or under any boat, platform or other such item which is attached to any product or component part thereof.   It does not cover any incidental or consequential damages or injuries.
Sacrificial anodes must maintained on underwater tracks, and the motor must be unplugged when the lift is not in use. If it is not unplugged, an electrical disconnect, including neutral and ground must be installed.  If not the warranty will be null and void.

During the warranty period, Seller will repair or replace, at its option, any product or component part manufactured by Seller without  charge for parts or repairs on any such product or component.  All products. component parts, equipment or accessories not manufactured by Seller are not covered by the provisions of this warranty, but may be covered by the warranties of the manufacturers supplying such products, components parts, equipment and accessories.

This warranty shall be deemed void and unenforceable and the equipment shall be deemed sold “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS,” with the entire risk as to quality and performance to be borne by the original purchaser without any implied warranties of fitness or merchantability if any of the following should occur:

(A)   The product has been subject to lift dead weight or stress or shock in excess of its rated capacity; or

(B)   The product or component parts have been subject to abuse, neglect, accident or unauthorized and improper usages;
          Boat Lift cradles must remain completely out of the water when not in use.

(C)  The product or component part  has been altered of repaired by anyone not authorized by Seller to make such repairs or
         alterations during the term of this Limited Warranty.

(D)   If the equipment shall be used in any commercial fashion.

Other than as set forth above, Seller makes no other express or implied warranties with respect to any product or component part manufactured or sold by Seller.  There, there are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. 
This limited warranty does not include on site service. No person (other than an officer or agent of seller) is  authorized to make any representations, promises or warranties on behalf of Seller.

This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may  also have other fights which may vary from state to state.  Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.  This Warranty shall  be construed pursuant to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.
In order to establish a warranty claim, the purchaser should provide the following information in writing to Universal Boat Lifts, LLC., 6160 N Bluffs Ct, Charles City; VA 23030 or boatlift30@gmail.com within fifteen days of any occurrence giving rise to a claim:

(A)    Proof of purchase,
(B)    The name of party installing the product and date of installation, and
(C)    A statement in clear and concise terms setting forth the basis of the  warranty  claim.
(D)    Alleged defective parts must be returned to Seller for inspection, repair or replacement.

Electrical Installation must be by Qualified Professionals to Meet Local and National Codes.


Safety Precautions and Cable maintenance

This boat lift is not intended for moving people!

Precaution is the best insurance against an accident.  Keep all people away from the boat and lift when it is being raised or lowered.

NEVER stand under or in the boat when is raised out of the water.

Before lifting boat – make sure all cables are in their proper locations and people are out of the line of force.

Raise the boat about six inches out of the water and stop the lift.  Check all cables and make sure the boat is positioned properly before raising it to it’s normal level. 

The weight on the front cables must be the same as the weight on the back cables  on the twin track units!  For example: If the front cables are not as tight as the back cables, then move the boat forward and test again.

On the single track units the center balance point must be between the arms to prevent  binding in the track and overloading one arm.

Remember to keep hands and clothing away from any moving parts. 

Read and follow winch manufacturer’s instructions and precautions.  They are located on the gear plate, under the cover.


Wire rope must be lubricated and inspected regularly for any deterioration, which may result in the loss of original strength. Inspect for any frayed or broken strands.  User must determine whether further use of the rope would constitute a safety hazard to life or property.

Always keep at least three (3) wraps of cable on the cable pipe or winder. 

Do Not exceed rated load.  This includes total weight of boat to include fuel, water and gear.

Avoid shock loads.


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