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Personal Watercraft Lifts

PE and PM 950  -- 950 LB. CAPACITY

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PWC lift 950 

PWC's and small boats up to 6 feet wide.

It's easily installed on most piers or bulkheads and can be flush mounted.
Aluminum bunks with uv resistant vinyl are standard and are adjustable to fit a variety of boats.

The track  is 10' long and provides up to 7' of travel on four  poly rollers for long life.  Other track lengths up to 20' are available.
It is shipped in three pieces, which includes all mounting bolts and hardware. We pre assemble the electric winch for ease of installation and instructions are included.  A hand winch is also available.

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Disconnect Switch and Remote Controls for  PWC lifts

disconnect switch

This is a switch that can be used to quickly turn off the power to your lift.  By installing this 4 Pole 40Amp disconnect switch,
 your lift can be isolated and controlled from a single location.

 It can also be used  to isolate a lift fro the main power feed. This will help prevent electrolysis to the lift  that can occur when power is left on continuously.


2 for one Remote Control
Run TwoSingle Motor Lifts With One Controller
2 Independent Motor Leveling Switches
Three Button Hand Held Radio transmitter

pwc remote control
Model GRP1 Remote for PWC lifts. 
Size of box is 8x6 inches
  WATER RESISTANT Transmitter transmits up to 300 feet.
This unit was just redesigned to run up to one 1 Hp Motor @ 120VAC.

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Shown below is the optional rotate kit for the PE-950.  It allows the full track to
rotate approximately 220 degrees for flushing or putting on your cover.
While it requires a minimum 8" pile, please note that the mounting channel on the pile
is a full five feet long.  This helps to spread the load above and below the pier.
rotating pwc lift
rotating pwc lift


PE 1500  -- 1500 LB. CAPACITY


Single Track with Electric Worm Gear Winch---
This lift can be installed on most docks without adding new pilings. It's designed for most small jet boats and utility boats up to 6 1/2 feet wide.   

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PWC lift aluminum bunks
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P2500 Twin Track       2500 lb. capacity

pwc lift

This twin track design is a versatile and attractive small lift.  It can be installed on most existing docks, without sinking new pilings.  The lift accommodates most boats up to 20 feet long and up to 8 feet wide.   The bunks are now standard in aluminum.

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Cargo Lifts with tracks up to twenty feet long

cargolift.JPG These  versitile lifts can be adapted for use as cargo
lifts with tracks as long as 20 feet.  They can be fastened
to the pad with concrete anchors or attched to the structure.

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  Included with each unit:

1-10' Track,  1- Set of Forks with Bunker Board Brackets Pre- Mounted,   2- Aluminum Bunker Boards with vinyl padding,
1- Gear Plate Pre- assembled with cable installed on drum.  Standard hardware for mounting :
3 Stainless steel Track Clips to mount to round piling, and 3 - 12" x 5/8"diameter Stainless Steel Carriage bolts.

$ 95.00 SHIPPING ON ALL PWC Lifts !

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