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Cradle Lifts 

8 Post Lifts

The parallel beam lift design is the most stable lift made.  The load is on top  of  the piling which prevents side loading.  The port to starboard adjustment will minimize pooling of water.

Hinson 10

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4 Posts Lifts

4 post lifts are the most popular as they safely lift boats up to 16,000 lbs.  These lifts are engineered to operate in salt environments with minimal maintenance.  They are constructed of 6061-T6 Marine Aluminum. This material is very desirable for salt environments because it requires no maintenance and maintains an attractive appearance throughout its life.  

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6 Post Lifts

This configuration is better in areas with silt bottoms.   Six poles helps to prevent pile sinking and lateral movement.  Most  popular size is 16,000 lbs.


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Gem Remotes Gem brand  remote controls are also available for all of our lifts,
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Gem Remotes



We make custom sizes
Capacity 4000 Lb. 7000 lb. 10,000 Lb. 12.500 Lb. 16,000 Lb. 20,000Lb.
Top Beam (2)5"x12'6" Ch
(2)5"x12'6" Ch (2)6"x12'6" Ch (2)6"x12'6" Ch (2)6"x12'6" Ch (2) 6"x4'
Stainless Cable 1/4"x15' 5/16"x15' 5/16"x30' 5/16"x30' 5/16"x30' 5/16"x30'
Drive Pipe
with cable winders
1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2 sch 80" 1 1/2 sch 80"
Bottom Beam  5"x11' 6"x12' 8"x13' 8HD"x13' 10"x14' 10"HDx16'
 Bunks Alum 3"x8"x12' Alum 3"x8"x12' Alum 3"x8"x12' Alum 3"x8"x12' 3"x10"x12' 3"x10"x16'
Guide Poles 2"x6' 2"x6' 2"x8' 2"x8' 2"x8' 2"x8'
Piling(s) (4) 8" Dia (4) 8" Dia (4) 8" Dia (4) 8" Dia (6) 8" Dia (8) 8" Dia
Winches (2) 3000 Lb. (2) 4000 Lb. (2) 3000 Lb.
2 part pick up
(2) 4000 Lb.
2 part pick up
(2) 6500 Lb.
2 part pick up
(4) 3000 Lb.
3 part pick up


Not sure of the dimensions and weight of your boat?

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Piling Diagram

piling diagram


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